Updating the bucket list

July 18, 2012

Several months ago, I made a “bucket list” for my thirties. In defense of those already 40 and over, it is not that I liken turning 40 to death – or even that I mind my own aging.

Based on average life expectancy, 40 is about the half way point for me. In my twenties, there were a lot of things that I thought my life would look like by now – some of them I have accomplished, some of them I discarded, and some I still want to get figured out.

So I made a list. I checked off getting married, becoming a mom, buying a house, and getting back to Ludington. I’ve made it to most of the places I want to visit in the United States, some of them more than once. I’ve learned to garden, had a couple of jobs that I loved, and basically have enjoyed a fairly stable life.

What I have not done is take risks. I like my decisions neat, orderly, and tied up in a predictable package. Not surprisingly, my recent inventory included trying out some new things that I have not had the courage to do before.

The first thing I did was quit my job. I still consult with my former employer, and I have added some other fun projects to my work. I am still figuring all that out, but the freedom to do so has been amazing. I have done a few decorating jobs, some private consulting, and continued training in coaching and group development. I have also spent lots of time getting to know my family again.

I got a tattoo in November. It is meaningful to me, small, and classy – and something I have wanted to do for a very long time but was too afraid.

I am learning to ride a horse. My daughter rides, my friends ride, and now I ride too. The first few lessons were frustrating and scary, and I can’t imagine anything more grounding and beautiful. My own horse goes on the list for the next decade!

I gave my whole heart to parenting a teenager that was not my own, and never would be. You can read about our exchange student experiences in my earlier posts.

We are currently planning a trip out of the country. We can’t afford it, and I am pretty sure that I am going to need medication to survive the flight – but hopefully, once I get over those two things, it will literally open up a whole new world for me.

I have also accepted that my body is not always going to be what it is now, so I better enjoy it while I can. I am doing more yoga, started running again, and finally dealt with the nagging shoulder injury that has been plaguing me for years.

There are a few things left for the next couple of months, and surprisingly, they are the little things. I need to go to the dentist, wear sunscreen, and find a bathing suit that I feel great in. Should be easy now that the hard work is done!




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