Design for 13th Annual Ludington Lake Jump Created by Riverton resident, Pentwater junior

March 19, 2012


Valory McClellan of Riverton Township created the design for this year’s Ludington Lake Jump which benefits the Ludington Area Center for the Arts.

Valory submitted the design as part of an informal contest for students in area schools.  In exchange for creating the winning design, Valory received a $25 gift certificate to Todd and Brad Reed Photography Gallery and a year membership to the Center for the Arts.

A junior at Pentwater High School, Valory is known for the caricatures she draws at the Ludington Farmer’s Market, Friday Night Live, and other venues. 

Valory is a joyful and passionate artist,” said Carrie Jeruzal, Valory’s art teacher.  “She works very hard and hopes to study art in college upon graduation.  I am proud to have her as my student!”

Valory McClellan

We were totally impressed by the whimsical, clever, and original way Valory incorporated various elements into the design – she took skillful advantage of the Center’s logo and artist tools and combined them with the familiar elements of the Lake Jump, including a polar bear and Stearns Park.” Said Megan Payment, chair of this year’s Lake Jump committee.

This year’s Ludington Lake Jump is on Saturday, April 7 at Stearns Park Beach.  The Ludington Area Center for the Arts hopes to raise $30,000 through the Lake Jump.  Funds are raised in various ways including through donations made to people who pledge to make a splash for the arts.  The funds will be used toward programming and renovations at the area’s first and only Center for the Arts.

More information about this year’s Lake Jump, including pledge forms, is available at the Center’s website:, or on Facebook (Ludington Lake Jump). 



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