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March 19, 2012




Mike Roberson


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We have all heard more than a few horror stories about someone’s bad home purchase which could be referred to as “the house from hell,” or “the money pit.” Most of us have seen too many episodes of “House Hunters” on HGTV, or even “Holmes on Homes” where Mike Holmes tears apart houses and contractors alike. This has left a fearful impression on many home buyers today. Quite commonly I see people scared that they will purchase one of these and get stuck with a house they can’t live in or can’t afford to maintain.

Choosing a home you can live with can be a daunting task. Outside of aesthetic reasons, there are a multitude of other reasons to buy or not buy a home. Here are a few of the most common reasons people consider:


  • Expanding or shrinking family needs. Think about what your life will look like more than five years down the road. Will you have more children? Will you have kids leaving home? Perhaps you will be housing an aging parent?
  • Relocating to be near family (or away from family, let’s be honest here)
  • Financial or job changes. Will your current or future job require you to move?
  • What are the upcoming maintenance requirements of the house? What about energy costs?
  • Do you like the neighborhood and school district?
  • Is buying a better investment than paying rent?
  • Making a long term investment in your home
  • Purchasing a Historical home, or a home with family history
  • Meeting your home-based business needs


Looking for that “Perfect House” that suits all your needs could be compared to choosing a perfect presidential candidate or the perfect spouse. None of them are truly perfect, all of them have flaws. None of them will meet every one of your criteria. You just find the one that suits your most important needs, and choose that one. There really is no perfect home either, all of them have flaws. Roofs can fail, carpets wear out, and dishwashers need replacing. My biggest piece of advice to home buyers today is this: Choose a home with drawbacks that you can live with.


There are many homes on the market right now, giving home buyers a wide variety of options. The more options, the better the possibility of finding a match. Interest rates are at historic lows right now too. If ever there was a chance to find a home to meet your needs, now is the time. Have a happy house!, Mason County’s media portal, serving Ludington, Scottville, Custer, Fountain, Free Soil, Branch, Walhalla and all places in between.


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