Extension office and 4-H remaining in Scottville, a good choice by the county board

March 15, 2012


mcp editor


The Mason County Board of Commissioners made the right choice earlier this week when it agreed to keep 4-H and the Michigan State University Extension office in downtown Scottville.

For many years the extension office was located in what is commonly called the old bank building at southwest corner of State and Main streets. It is called the old bank building because it was the original home of State Savings Bank of Scottville, now West Shore Bank, which moved to its current location in the late 1960s.

There had been discussion of moving the office to West Shore Community College. Though West Shore would have been a great location on paper, downtown Scottville is more fitting. I think West Shore also saw the merit in this because it chose not to bid on office space.

Two downtown property owners put in bids: Mitch and Toni Bogner, owners of the old Four Star Theater building and McMasters Brothers Properties, owners of the old People’s State Bank building at the northwest corner of State and Main streets. That building is currently being renovated.

Bogners’ bid was for a total of $35,724 over five years for 1,200 square feet while McMasters’ bid was for $36,000 over five years for 855 square feet. Both would have made excellent locations for the extension office.

It’s important to bring people downtown and the extension office draws members of the agricultural community.