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March 8, 2012


Ann Genson


mcp arts & entertainment blogger


Speaking of sculpture…


I have never liked winter. Not even as a little girl. I would spend as little time outside as possible and then spend the next hour sitting on the heat register in the living room.


So, of course, I have been contemplating how to decorate my “Winter that Never Was – 2012” scrapbook. Then, just as we enter the month which is supposed to signal the arrival of spring, Mother Nature decides to treat us all to an exhibition of her finest snow sculptures.


Along with most of northern/western Michigan, I woke up Saturday morning to find a breathtaking display outside my window. Mother Nature sculpted the trees with the ice that fell early the evening before. Her freezing rain collected on even the tiniest branches sprouting little ice ‘buds’ for the snow that followed to collect upon. She painted our landscape with the brightest of whites making everything shimmer.

Each tree, no matter how dark its bark, appeared to have been brushed with a disguise of simulated birch bark. Even the utility poles joined the masquerade. Groves of pine trees were freshly flocked and taking a bow under the weight of the snow.


Then, on Monday, the scenery was enhanced by a blue sky and brilliant sunshine. However, Mother Nature was clever enough to keep the temperature down. This created the sparkle special effect that is cherished by all who live in a northern climate.


There are few things more stunning that the twinkling of the countryside in the bright sun. Wow. There is no other word.


And, finally, Tuesday came with its climbing temperatures which made the snow ideal for building every child’s favorite sculpture – the snowman! My daughter and I indulged in creating what may be this season’s last snowgirl. Yes, I said girl. We are equal opportunity artists.

So the snow came in abundance this past weekend. It won’t last. It will be a memory by midweek. But the good news is – I have realized that there is something to like about winter. Its artistry!

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