From the Editor: Goodbye Columns, Hello Blogs

February 23, 2012

By Rob Alway

mcp editor


It’s time for a change. This may seem like a subtle change but I think it has big significance. As Editor, I am declaring that no longer has “columns” nor does it have “columnists.” Instead, we now have “blogs” and “bloggers.”


This may seem like splitting hairs but I think the terminology is important.


This is an online publication and I think it’s important that we embrace the power of the web. Many of our regular contributors have their own blogs and I see this site as a portal that will take you to those personal blogs.


Further, I would prefer not to call this a newspaper or a magazine (I will be phasing out the term “magazine” when I find it floating around on here). For now we’ll be calling this “an online news and information site.” I know it sounds a little wordy, but I’m sure I’ll fine tune that. If you have suggestions, please let me know.


Speaking about your suggestions, I received some great feedback last week after I posted the question about what direction the readers would like to see this site go. Overwhelmingly, the readers of this site want to see the contributing blogs, human interest stories and breaking news stories. They also love the photographs from contributors. As we grow, we will widen our news coverage (I’m always happy to receive news tips and even happier to receive articles).


Thank you for visiting and thank you for your support.





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