From the Editor: Time to kick it up a notch

February 15, 2012

By ROB ALWAY editor has been in existence now for about six weeks. That’s a pretty short time in the world of business. But already we have made a great impact on our community. This website started out as an outlet for me to write a local blog. Shortly after starting, I was approached by businesses who wanted to advertise. I was also approached by people who wanted to contribute stories and photographs.


It quickly became clear that people wanted an alternative to other local news and information sources. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want those other sources, it means they want other sources as well.


At this time, basically has a one-person staff, myself, with the help of some great people who are contributing wonderful stories and photographs, business advise and web development. Currently there are 12 people on board who are regularly contributing stories, with more on the way. I also have one or two people who are contributing photographs on a regular basis.


In addition, I have some great people consulting me on how to kick this business up to the next level. In order to do that I’m going to need your help.


How do you envision the Mason County Press? What are your expectations for this online news source? Do you want more breaking news? Do you want more in-depth stories? Are you interested in public meetings? What about human interest stories? Do you like our columns? Do you think we should define ourselves as a magazine, a newspaper or just plain news source?


This is as much about you, as it is about me. I would really appreciate your feedback. Please either respond to this column in the comment section or drop me an email at You may also respond in the Facebook comment section.







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