From the editor: The best and worst of our area

January 31, 2012

By ROB ALWAY editor


This past weekend saw the best and the worst of people in our area.



The best, being the Scottville Blizzard Blast. It’s always great to have an event like this in the middle of winter. We stopped in at the tail end of the pancake breakfast where lots of volunteers were cleaning up and many others were getting ready for the chili cook-off. Outside, volunteers were participating in various events. It’s great to see something that brings out the best in people.



Just a few miles northwest of town an event sadly brought out the worst in people. Two young people lost their lives in a very twisted scene. We will know more about what happened as the event comes to trial, but for now we just pray that the families and friends are comforted as they mourn.



I find disturbing that the only time the out-of-town media comes to our area is when something controversial happens. You don’t see them when a positive event, such as the Blizzard Blast, is taking place.



As evolves, we will continue to define our role in our community. As you can probably already tell, we are leaning heavy towards feature stories and first-person columns. This is why we are calling an online magazine rather than a newspaper. Of course, we will cover breaking news when it happens. It’s important to provide an alternative to the other news sources in the area.



Our goal is to eventually provide more coverage of events, including sports. But, we need your help. This site is about you, the community and it needs you to succeed.



If you see news happening, please feel free to email us at, you can also drop a Facebook message. I have a smart phone and check my emails and Facebook a lot. If you take a picture from an event, please free to post it on our Facebook site.


We have some exciting changes coming and will be reporting more on them in the next few weeks. Let’s keep the momentum going!



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