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January 22, 2012

Editor’s note: I am excited to introduce to you Carmelitta Tiffany, our very first Community Columnist. I first met Carmelitta “back in the day” when she was a West Shore Community College photography student. I have followed her endeavors through the years, especially when she was a staff photographer/writer at the Manistee News Advocate. 

Now, she will be talking about Life in Riverton, one of Mason County’s most picturesque townships. Life in Riverton will be a regular weekly column in If you receive our one of our free email subscribers, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you will get an alert whenever this column, or others, are updated. 

To find the column, and other Community Columns, you can look under the “Features” menu on the top of our page. 


Life in Riverton



This is my first submission to, but it’s like falling off a bicycle — I know, the saying is “riding a bicycle”, but for those who know me, you’ll understand my version.


It’s so good to be writing again. I haven’t sat down to actually write something for over four years, when I left my position at the Manistee News Advocate. It was my dream – a tough, nose-to-the-grindstone job, but at the same time smelling the sweet smell of public acclaim and admiration. I missed the editorial crew the minute I left the parking lot on my last day, but knew that life would deal me a very interesting hand, which it has.


Some of you Mason County people might know me. I’ve lived in the same little house on Kinney Road, just east of Stiles Road, for almost 30 years. I’ve raised two children here, watched them grow as they attended the Riverton Elementary School, then went into town to Mason County Central Middle and High School. I was a part of the “Riverton Mom” carpool that ferried kids home from town when they had after school activities. PTC and Girl Scout leader led to Band Booster President and other fun volunteer activities, which I enjoyed with my fellow parents of Riverton kids. We keep each other informed of the progresses and successes of our children when we meet, comparing pictures and talking about the good old days.


I got my B.A. from West Shore Community College and Davenport University at the West Shore Campus, and have held various positions throughout the area, including administrative assistant at Dow Chemical, bakery clerk at Prevo’s, and Coordinator of Volunteers at Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association.


I am now Assistant to the Executive Director at Mason County Historical Society and Historic White Pine Village. I enjoy the challenges and rewards my position offers, and am always learning something new about Mason County, through the research I am sometimes privileged to do for customers. I have even learned a lot about my home, Riverton.


I hope I will be able to keep your interest with my observations and reminiscences of Riverton and the people who have become my family- the neighbors and friends with whom I have been blessed.


So there you go… hopefully the first of many visits we’ll have together. Let me know if you would like me to write about anything that you might like to see on the Mason County Press magazine.

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