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January 22, 2012

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In this column, Sgt. Cole will talk about keeping yourself safe.

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Cop’s Corner


I chose this topic after a friend of mine was fol­lowed recently as she left work here in Lud­ing­ton! Yes, it can hap­pen here!

Here are some tips from S.E. Jones at Yahoo! Voices:

  • Don’t panic. Take deep breaths; calm your­self so you can think clearly. Focus on your sur­round­ings to see if there is a safe place to go.
  • Don’t assume. They may not be fol­low­ing you, but don’t take any chances. Always assume the worst so that you will take the max­i­mum precautions.
  • Look for the near­est place that has peo­ple. It’s bet­ter to be around other peo­ple if you think some­one is fol­low­ing you. There is safety in num­bers. If you know of a place other peo­ple gather, go there, right away. It doesn’t mat­ter if you know them or not, just get to where other peo­ple are.
  • Run. If you are on foot and you think some­one is fol­low­ing you, start run­ning right away, don’t wait for them to get closer.
  • Scream. Yell and scream as loud as you can, while run­ning. Don’t let the pos­si­bil­ity of embar­rass­ment at being wrong stop you from scream­ing. Yell for help so that oth­ers around you will know your situation.
  • Use your cell phone. Call for help by dial­ing 911.
  • Drive to a police sta­tion. If some­one is fol­low­ing you while dri­ving, try to get the vehi­cles reg­is­tra­tion num­ber and vehi­cle descrip­tion (include color of vehi­cle, type, make if you can tell and num­ber of doors-2 door or 4 door) while you drive to your near­est law enforce­ment agency.
  • If you were head­ing home, don’t go there. As I men­tioned at the start this recently hap­pened to a friend of mine who hap­pened to be head­ing home. She didn’t. Instead she drove away from home and to a safe place while call­ing for assis­tance. The last thing you want is for the per­son fol­low­ing you to learn where you live so they can find you later.
  • Do not stop. If you believe you are being fol­lowed don’t stop to check who they might be or to talk on your cell phone, or to cry or any­thing else. All these things can be done while walk­ing or run­ning. Just keep moving.
  • Look for a place to hide and/or weapons. Look for places where you can hid (if on foot) or at least keep your­self safe. Also look for any­thing you could use as a weapon should it become nec­es­sary to pro­tect your­self. Con­sider any­thing made of metal, sharp or heavy you could throw.
  • Don’t talk to them. If they call out your name don’t respond. They may be try­ing to slow you down or con­fuse you to get the advan­tage. Sim­ply ignore them and keep moving.

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