Press conference scheduled to discuss missing child case.

January 24, 2017
Mark Alan Saporita-Fargo with his daughter,  Hailey Hunter-Rose Fargo.

Mark Alan Saporita-Fargo with his daughter, Hailey Hunter-Rose Fargo.

Press conference scheduled to discuss missing child case.


By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

LUDINGTON — Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole and Mason County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Spaniola have scheduled a press conference at 11 a.m. at the Mason County Sheriff’s Office to update the media and the public on the missing child case that developed Monday afternoon.

Hailey Hunter-Rose Fargo, 2, is presumed kidnapped by her biological father, Mark Alan Saporita-Fargo, who failed to return the child Monday following an unsupervised visitation.

Hailey is under the jurisdiction of Mason County Probate Court and is in foster care in Muskegon County. Saporita-Fargo was supposed to return Haley at 2 p.m. Monday, following a five hour visit. At 4 p.m. the sheriff’s office was notified that Saporita-Fargo did not return Hailey to the appropriate officials.



Saporita-Fargo, 47, has a registered address of 5971 County Road 30, Monroeville, Alabama. He was arrested May 29, 2016, by the Mason County Sheriff’s Office on felony charges of third degree criminal sexual conduct and habitual offender fourth offense.

In July, 2016, Saporita-Fargo rejected a plea offer by Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola of 15-30 years in prison if Saporita-Fargo pleaded to one count of third-degree CSC, with the habitual status, and dismissing the second count. The sentence would have included restitution for his Alabama extradition and medical expenses for the victim, the prosecutor said.

He was scheduled to appear in 51st Circuit Court this morning to begin his trial; he failed to appear.



Haley is described as white with blonde hair, 37 inches tall and 32 pounds. She was last seen wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt with black ruffles on the bottom, black pants, and Elsa character shoes from “Frozen.” Her birthday is in February.

Saporita-Fargo is described as a 47-year-old white male, 6-feet, 1-inch weighing 200 pounds. He is scheduled to appear in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday in a jury trial. He is charged with criminal sexual conduct. He may be driving a black sedan, possibly a Ford Taurus.

MCP will post details from the press conference.

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