Deer crashes through office window at CMH building.

October 30, 2014

cmh_deerLUDINGTON — Is there an out-of-control deer on the loose? For the second time in less than a week, a deer entered a building on the east side of Ludington. Last week a deer entered a motel room at the Viking Arms Inn on East Ludington Ave. This morning, just about one city block north of the motel, a deer crashed into an office window at the Hal Madden West Michigan Community Health Center on Diana Street.

Betsy Reed said the deer crashed through her office’s lower window this morning, then ran through two swinging doors and out another window of the same type on the other side of the building’s lobby. “Hours later the front desk staff found half an antler behind a door,” Reed said on her Facebook page.

Last week, a deer trapped itself inside a bathroom at the Viking Arms, requiring intervention from law enforcement. When the deer was freed, it ran north across Ludington Avenue into the small patch of trees in the vicinity of the CMH building.


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