Deputies receive medal of honor

June 13, 2013

Left: Davila, Wilson, Sheriff Cole, Mackinaw County Sheriff Scott Strait (president of MSA).

Two Mason County sheriff’s deputies have been rewarded the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association Medal of Honor for their involvement with a police shooting last year.
Sgt. Oscar Davila and Deputy Derrick Wilson received the association’s top honor last week during a ceremony at Shanty Creek Resort.

The award stemmed from the deputies’ involvement in the June 27 incident that took place at 707 N. Delia St. in Ludington. Ludington Police Department initially responded to a domestic disturbance call. Upon arriving, police have reported that Lowell Fetters was allegedly arguing with his wife, Kaye in their front yard. Mr. Fetters apparently went into his house and returned with a gun and proceeded to shoot at police, striking Ludington police Sgt. David Maltbi, according to a previous LPD report.

Fetters, 64, allegedly also shot at Davila and Wilson as well. He has been charged with 32 counts including assault with intent to murder, police officer assault/resist, obstruction causing injury, felonious assault, malicious destruction of police property, domestic assault second offense and four counts of weapons felony firearms. Further court proceedings have been adjourned until results of an independent psychological examination come back.

Sheriff Kim Cole, who was a road patrol sergeant when the incident occurred, said he was very proud of the deputies.

“I do not believe there is one person from this department who would not give their life to protect the people of this county,” Cole said. “I cannot get specific about Wilson or Davila’s actions that day, due to the continuing investigation, but I can say that they were willing to do whatever it took to protect the public and secure what was a dangerous situation. I am very proud of them, as I am for every single person who works for the sheriff’s office.”

Cole said this was the first time that he is aware that a Mason County sheriff’s deputy has received the citation.

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