Fetters will get independent psych exam

April 16, 2013

Fetters speaks with his attorney, David Glancy.

LUDINGTON — Lowell Fetters appeared in 51st Circuit Court today for a final conference in front of Judge Richard Cooper. Instead of a final conference, though, it was determined, at the request of defense attorney David Glancy, that Fetters would seek an independent psychological examination to determine if he can stand trial.

Fetters, 65, is being charged with 32 counts in connection with a June 27, 2012 incident at his home at 707 N. Delia St. in Ludington.

Police had been called for a disturbance at the home involving Fetters and his wife. Upon the arrival of police, the situation escalated resulting in Ludington Police Sgt. David Maltbie being shot. He was initially charged with nine counts including assault with intent to murder, police officer assault/resist, obstruction causing injury, felonious assault, malicious destruction of police property, domestic assault second offense and four counts of weapons felony firearms.

Fetters had already had a psychological examination in November 2012, which was ordered by the court. That exam determined that he was fit to stand trial. His attorney at that time, Annette Smedley, had then requested an independent examination be conducted. Fetters told Judge Cooper that he was not happy with having to take another exam; reluctantly he waived his right to a speedy trial.

“I’m not happy with it but I’m willing to go with it,” Fetters told the judge. “

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