4 sentenced in circuit court

November 29, 2012

LUDINGTON — Four people were sentenced recently in 51st Circuit Court. Charges included one for drug-related and the rest for breaking and entry or receiving stolen property.

51st Circuit Court News, as of Nov 29, 2012

51st Circuit Court, Judge Richard Cooper

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Leonardo Gutierrez-Darios, 32, 602 E. Danaher St., Apt. 1B, Ludington was found guilty on Oct. 23 of Controlled Substance Delivery/Manufacturing and Possession in a School Zone. Sentence: 365 days jail for each count, serving 9 months up front with balance at court’s discretion, $1,035.
Neal Barton Guss, 20, 8250 E. Johnson Rd., Branch Twp., was found guilty on Oct. 9 for Stolen Property. Sentence: $6,648, 90 days jail serving 45 days up front with remainder at court’s discretion, 24 months probation.
Robert Morris Rebstock, 31, 117 1/2 W. Ludington Ave., Ludington, was found guilty on Sept. 25 for B&E with Intent. Sentence: 180 days jail with 90 days served up front (already served), $4,322, 12 months probation.
Dustin James Horn, 18, 6954 E. U.S. 10, Sherman Twp., was found guilty on Sept. 25 for B&E with Intent. Sentence: $4,122, 18 months probation, 330 days jail serving 7 months up front and balance served at court’s discretion. School release is authorized. Sentence running concurrent with other charge of B&E with Intent, which he also received 330 days jail and 18 months probation, $1,138 restitution.

Leonardo Gutierrez-Darios, 32, 602 E. Danaher St., Apt. 1B, Ludington, Controlled Substance Delivery/Manufacturing 4 counts.

Key: MCSO: Mason County Sheriff’s Office; LPD: Ludington Police Dept.; SPD: Scottville Police Dept.; MSP: Michigan State Police; SSCENT: State, Sheriffs, Chiefs, Enfocement Narcotics Team; F/R: Fines and Restitution; Pre: Preliminary Examination or Pre-Trial. B&E: Breaking and Entering; OUIL: Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Liquor. A&B: Assault and Battery. DWLS: Driving While License Suspended.

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