Court news as of Oct. 4

October 5, 2012

Mason County court news as of October 5, 2012

Key: MCSO: Mason County Sheriff’s Office; LPD: Ludington Police Dept.; SPD: Scottville Police Dept.; MSP: Michigan State Police; Pre: Preliminary Examination or Pre-Trial. B&E: Breaking and Entering; OUIL: Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Liquor.

79th District Court, Judge Peter Wadel


John Eddie Reynolds, 18, 5614 S. Sunset, Baldwin, arrested on Oct. 3 by LPD for Assault and Battery. Bail: $2,500. Pre: Oct. 15, 1:45 p.m.
Alegjandro Otero, 43, 52 W. 17th St., Holland, arrested on Sept. 27 by MSP for Larceny of $1,000 or more. Bond: $7,500. Pre: Oct. 10, 11:15 a.m.
Avel Molina Escamilla, 50, 5648 W. Johnson Rd., Pere Marquette Twp., Ludington, arrested on Sept. 30 by MCSO for Assault/Resisting/Obstruction and Habitual Offender. Bond: $10,000. Pre: Oct. 10, 11:15 a.m.
Robert William Gastian, 67, 3775 Susan St., Wellston, arrested Oct. 1 by MCSO for Retail Fraud Third Degree. Bond: $1,500. Pre: Oct. 15, 10:15 a.m.


Skip Roy-Ernest Lange, 17, 401 N. Thomas St., Scottville, found guilty on Oct. 4 for Trespassing. Sentence: 30 days discretionary jail for 1 year, $265, 12 months probation.
James Lane III, 32, 157 S. Wildwood Run, Apt. 4, Amber Twp., Ludington, found guilty on Oct. 2 for Disorderly Person. Sentence: 1 day jail, $265.
Brian Levi Morkert, 29, 619 E. Dowland St., Ludington, found guilty on Sept. 28 for Disorderly — Allowing a Loud Party. Sentence: 1 day jail, $310, 12 months probation, 90 days discretionary jail for 1 year.
Chaderick Michael Stefaniak, 34, 1316 Osborn Rd., Amber Twp., Scottville, found guilty on Aug. 22 for Retail Fraud First Degree, Habitual Offender. Sentence: 364 days jail, 36 months probation, $360.
Christina Marie Ashworth, 26, 2006 Ontario Rd., Lot 135, Niles, found guilty on Aug. 22 for Embezzlement $1,000 to $20,000. Sentence: 90 days jail, $6,380, 24 months probation.
Kyle David Ramirez-Winters, 20, 402 1/2 S. Washington Ave., Ludington, found guilty on Aug. 21 for B&E, Habitual Offender, Home Invasion First Degree, Home Invasion Third Degree, Probation Violation. Sentence: 365 days, $548, 24 months probation.
Ashley Jean Swiecki, 20, 110 E. Danaher, Apt. 1, Ludington, found guilty on Aug. 14 for Criminal Sexual Conduct Third Degree. Sentence: 365 days, $1,046, 60 days probation.
Cody Morgan Denton, 17, 656 S. Main St., Custer, found guilty on Aug. 22 for Home Invasion Second Degree. Sentence: Prison, 2 to 15 years, $458. Also convicted of B&E and Habitual Offender with a 1 to 15 year sentence and $198 fines. Also convicted of Controlled Substance Deliver/Manufacturing with a 1 to 4 year sentence and $548 fines.

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